August 18, 2009

More Photos....

Look at the beaty upclose........

Horseshoe Falls overlooking Canada:

Look at the people going down to the Cave of the Winds at the bottom of Bridal Veils Falls!!

Beautiful Bridal Veils Falls
& American Falls from the Canadian View

The Famous Horseshoe Falls of Niagara Falls Canada....

It's amazing how its just a body of water that separates America & Canada from this end of the States!!

Canada Vacation 2009

Family Photo

Beautiful LDS Temple

Welcome to Canada

Very comfortable there!!!
Kelvin fast asleep on the road trip...
This year we've been blessed and had a chance to visit our family in canada. We stayed in Niagara Falls for three days before heading to Toronto to see our family. It was pretty fun and exciting. Kelvin was afraid of the Falls on the American side because I think we were so close you could feel all the mist hitting your face. It's crazy how mother nature could create such a beautiful yet very dangerous place.
While we were there we came across the Beautiful LDS Temple. It was georgous like every other temple the church has. Well, now we're back and Mai's back at work. Enjoy the pictures and hopefully I'll get to post more in the near future.