July 30, 2008

more pictures of the summer fun.......

This is a picture of kelvin enjoying something???
These are picture's of him and charlie in the pool on a hot summer day.
"This water is really cold...but it feels so good though.."

"Look i'm chilling in the pool..anyone wanna get in??"

It's been a crazy summer!!!

hey guys..sorry i haven't had a chance to get on lately. it's been quit a summer..we're all still doing really good. we're contemplating whether we're going to go to south america (argentina) this coming winter or should we just let kee's parents come over...
anyways, things are really good over here. the weathers been kind of crazy though.. i gotta run
baby wants to go to bed now, but enjoy the pictures!!

this is kelvin's first day at the beach..the water's still a little chilly so we didn't get in!!

we were going to a wedding..." is mommy ready yet??" " i sure am!"

!!!!!!! " this is me with mommy and daddy" !!!!!